Tokeet is the perfect choice for vacation rental managers & owners who need total control.

Tokeet is one of Turbosuite’s Partners. Please fill the form in order to receive more information

Step by step to success

Market analysis

Analysis of the entire market, our reserves and differentiating factors (amenities)

Different strategies by channels and clients

We provide up to 60 different prices per category

Perfect timing

We tell you when to change the price to improve your profits and the appropriate strategy to do so.

If you are a Tokeet customer

benefit from our discounts

Turbosuite & Tokeet
A perfect connection for your business

– How to register for Turbosuite if you are a client of Tokeet?
You just need to fill out the form with basic information about your company. A sales representative will get in touch with you shortly.

– How to connect Turbosuite with Tokeet?
An onboarding specialist will guide you through the process. We will need access to your account, as well as the API key.

– How does the integration work?
Turbosuite will retrieve your bookings from Tokeet and return prices back.

– How to disconnect Turbosuite from Tokeet?
Please refer to the specific instructions from Tokeet on how to disconnect

– How to get assistance?
Please contact your Onboarding Specialist or Revenue Manager