A complete solution that automates and simplifies the challenges of short term and vacation rentals.

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Análisis del mercado

Análisis de todo el mercado, nuestras reservas y factores diferenciales (amenities)

Diferentes estrategias por canales y clientes

Aportamos hasta 60 precios diferentes por categoría

Timing perfecto

Te indicamos cuándo hay que cambiar el precio para mejorar tus beneficios y la estrategia adecuada para ello

If you are a Hostfully customer

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Turbosuite and Hostfully

A perfect conection for your business

– How to sign up for Turbosuite if you are a Hostfully customer?
You just need to fill out the form with basic information about your company. A sales representative will contact you shortly.

– How to connect Turbosuite with Hostfully?
An onboarding specialist will guide you through the process. We will need access to your account as well as the API key.

– How does the integration work?
Turbosuite will retrieve your bookings from Hostfully and return the prices to you.

– How to disconnect Turbosuite from Hostfully?
Refer to Hostfully’s specific instructions on how to disconnect.

– How to get assistance?
Please, get in touch with your Onboarding Specialist or Revenue Manager.

The booking accelerator

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