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From ice hockey pro to the life of the party: Steve Davis in Journeys with Flo

Steve Davis, the CEO of Operto, is a Vancouver native with a rich multicultural background. In this interview, he offers us a glimpse into his unique journey, from childhood dreams of becoming a professional ice hockey player to his current role as a tech CEO in Vancouver. Steve’s story begins with childhood aspirations of becoming […]

Are you working with Tokeet or haven’t you found the perfect choice for vacation rental management yet?

At Turbosuite, we strive tirelessly to offer our customers a range of options and opportunities to enhance the development of their accommodations. We work tirelessly to enrich our Hospitality Business Intelligence solution, providing integrated tools that make a difference. On this occasion, we are pleased to announce a full 100% integration with Tokeet, the perfect […]

Discover Avantio: your solution for tourist accommodation management

At Turbosuite we work every day to offer the best options and opportunities for our clients to develop their accommodations.That’s why we constantly seek to integrate new industry tools with our powerful Hospitality Business Intelligence tool.  We’re excited to announce that we are 100% integrated with Avantio, the vacation rental software. This partnership allows us […]

Boost your vacation rental income through sustainable practices

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly prominent topic at the moment. In fact, it is one of the most pressing issues that we currently face. Winters are getting shorter, summers are getting longer, and places that were once unfamiliar with high temperatures now experience heatwaves. This reflects the fact that climate change is not something distant […]

The Competitive Set: The only tactic for setting your prices?

When we talk about Revenue Management, one of the most talked-about concepts is the “competitive set”. The competitive set refers to the accommodations chosen by the revenue manager that compete directly. It is known in the industry as an important element when making pricing decisions and Revenue Management strategies. But, what if I told you […]

From Flight Hostess to Vacation Rental Business Consulting:

In the Journey series we tackle the stories of the leaders of the Short Term Industry, this series is presented by Turbosuite and hosted by Flo. In today’s journey we present you Lisa Roads, who went from wanting to be a Flight Hostess to Vacation Rental Business Consulting. Lisa was born into a military family in […]