Boost the efficiency and profitability of your tourist accommodation with the Chekin and Turbosuite solution

When it comes to accelerating your revenue through revenue management strategies in tourist accommodations, efficiency and profitability are two essential factors for success. And in today’s world, where competition is increasingly fierce, it is crucial to have tools that can help you improve your processes. In this sense, Turbosuite and Chekin are the perfect combination to boost the revenue of your tourist accommodations.

It’s not just about making check-in easier and faster but also about offering complementary services that can enhance your guests’ experience. Remember, more than 65% of customers who purchase an additional service do so at the time of check-in!

With the automation of check-in, not only can you offer personalized additional services to your customers, but you can also increase your revenue through upselling and selling these personalized experiences. This can represent an increase of up to 30% in your earnings.

But that’s not all, the Chekin and Turbosuite solution will allow you to maintain better visibility in the tourist market, resulting in more bookings and greater profitability for your business.

Don’t get left behind and take the step towards greater efficiency and profitability in your property management tasks for your tourist accommodation with our solutions. Learn more about the features of Chekin and Turbosuite.