How online check-in can help you save time and improve customer satisfaction

The check-in process can be a headache for many property managers. Not only does it require a significant amount of time and resources to verify the guest’s identity and collect all the necessary information, but it also involves complying with legal requirements and paying the corresponding tourist taxes. Moreover, handing over keys in person can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Fortunately, technology has advanced enough to offer an effective solution to these problems: online check-in.

Chekin is a technological solution that allows you to automate the entire check-in process, saving you time and improving customer satisfaction. How is it achieved? Here are some of the features that Chekin offers:

Online check-in: Thanks to Chekin’s online registration, guests enter their information through a simple online form, which they will receive automatically once the reservation is confirmed.

Reporting to authorities: Chekin takes care of the entire legal process, including the automatic submission of legal documents to the corresponding authorities.

Identity verification: Thanks to Chekin’s Biometric Match technology, you can quickly and efficiently verify your guests’ identities, avoiding potential fraud.

Remote access: With the self-check-in tool, guests can access the property autonomously, without the need to travel for key handover.

Selling experiences: Through the upselling tool, you can offer your guests personalized experiences and increase your revenue.

Tourist taxes: Chekin’s software will automatically calculate any tourist taxes, avoiding potential errors and saving time in tax management.

Deposits and protection insurance: With Chekin, you can protect your property and gain peace of mind. During online check-in, you can request that your guests pay a protection insurance or deposit, which will be held until after check-out.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an effective solution to simplify the check-in process at your tourist accommodation or hotel, Chekin is the best option. With its identity verification, remote access, selling experiences, calculating tourist taxes, deposit, and reporting to authorities features, you can save time and improve customer satisfaction. Not only that, by streamlining the check-in process, you can focus on providing a closer and more personalized service, which will increase guest loyalty.

If you are a property manager, we recommend trying Chekin’s online check-in solution to simplify the guest registration process, reduce registration errors, and improve customer satisfaction. Would you like to learn more about Chekin’s features? Visit their website here.