From Detective to Luxury Vacation Rentals: Wolf Worster in Journeys with Flo

In this blog article, we delve into the fascinating story of Wolf Worster. From his beginnings as a suntanning salon owner to his successful venture into the tourism industry, Worster has become a prominent entrepreneur in the realm of high-end vacation rentals.


The story begins when Worster, at the age of 19, opened a suntanning salon in the heart of Vancouver with a friend. This experience not only taught him the ins and outs of running a small business but also turned out to be surprisingly successful. From there, Worster embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, which eventually led him to explore the world of luxury vacation rentals with his company Serenity.


But how did he go from wanting to be a crime scene detective to becoming an entrepreneur in the luxury rental market? Worster shares that although he had always dreamt of being a detective, he realized the dark side of the job and decided to change course. His love for travel and previous experiences in the tourism industry led him to venture into the world of luxury vacation rentals.


With Serenity, Worster faced various challenges. Keeping properties on the market and satisfying clients’ specific demands wasn’t always easy. However, his dedication and ability to fulfill even the most extravagant requests earned him the trust of his clients. He even had the opportunity to work with celebrities like Ben Stiller and Janet Jackson, dealing with their particular demands, such as the need for kosher kitchens. Despite rubbing shoulders with famous people, Worster always maintained his professionalism and never took advantage of his connections.


The key to Worster’s success in the luxury vacation rental industry was repeat business without incurring client acquisition costs. However, he faced challenges in keeping properties on the market long enough to turn a profit. Some clients only wanted to cover the operating costs of their multiple homes, while others had unusual requests and complicated egos. Although he managed to fulfill some extravagant requests, such as changing the curtains in a rental property, he lost the deal when the homeowner disapproved. Eventually, Worster sold his company and ventured into consulting before embarking on his current projects.


Speaking of his current projects, Worster introduces us to Sirreti, an exclusive invitation-only association in the luxury and ultra-luxury vacation rental industry. Sirreti consists of property owners, property management companies, villa agencies, luxury travel agents, celebrity managers, lifestyle clubs, and family offices. The association focuses on providing an online platform that facilitates effective communication between property management companies and celebrity managers and luxury travel agents. Additionally, Sirreti sponsors a day at a trade show and collects weekly data on ultra-high net worth individuals for luxury private accommodations to enhance their members’ services.


In his effort to support small property managers and owners who may lack the time and marketing opportunities to promote their properties, Worster highlights how his luxury rental management business helps to showcase such properties. For instance, he mentions a five-page spread in the Review magazine featuring sorority member properties worth £4,000 per page. Active engagement in the industry has fostered the building of a strong community.


In conclusion, Worster shares his experience during the pandemic and how he used that time to reflect on his professional future. He is now a permanent resident of Malaga and is working on his current project, Serendi, a luxury eco-resort in Costa Rica.


Wolf Worster’s story is an inspiring testament to how a career change can lead to unexpected doors of success. From his humble beginnings in a suntanning salon to his current position in the world of luxury vacation rentals, Worster has demonstrated that determination and adaptability can lead to great achievements.


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