Turbosuite: Breaking the paradigms in the tourist accommodation sector

With its disruptive and data-driven approach, Turbosuite has managed to stand out in Latin America and has expanded its presence in Brazil and Portugal. In this article, we will explore the origin of Turbosuite, its current status as a leader in the Latin American market, and its promising future on a global scale.

Founded by Manuel Martín, Turbosuite emerged as an answer to an underdeveloped business model in the tourist accommodation sector. Manuel applied strategies inspired by airlines, focusing on profitability instead of room occupancy. With an innovative analysis system, Turbosuite managed to increase the turnover of its first clients and build a strong portfolio. Subsequently, the company invested in technology and launched its software for property managers worldwide.

Currently, Turbosuite has established itself as a leader in the Latin American market, managing over 12,000 properties in 21 countries and 300 cities. With new offices in Brazil and Portugal, Turbosuite aims to expand its reach in the Portuguese-speaking market. Moreover, it has received the “rising star” recognition in the report of the most investable startups in Spain by K Fund, highlighting its potential as a major player in the global market.

The company’s goal is to continue growing and expanding globally. Turbosuite will keep investing in Latin America, capitalizing on the vast market potential and the lack of artificial intelligence and big data tools in the sector. Likewise, it will seek to expand its client portfolio in Europe, having already participated in key industry events in various European countries and continuing to do so.

Turbosuite has taken a disruptive approach by challenging the traditional models of tourist accommodation management. The company offers up to 60 different rates, recognizing the importance of profitability and adapting to the needs of different revenue segments.

*Turbotip: Remember, when faced with the dilemma of occupancy or profitability, Manuel, CEO of Turbosuite, poses this question: “Do you want your hotel rooms full or your bank account full?”

Turbosuite has managed to change the rules of the game in the tourist accommodation market. Its data-driven approach, innovative vision, and global growth have positioned them as leaders in Latin America and a contender with great potential worldwide. With its expansion in Brazil, Portugal, and Europe, Turbosuite is revolutionizing the way revenues are managed and is poised to meet the challenges of the future.