How do social networks influence your accommodation?

Currently, being present on social media is almost mandatory for all businesses, as you can reach many people. So, do you think your accommodations should appear on social media? We explain below.

In the virtual world,Instagram is the most visual social network, followed by Facebook and LinkedIn for businesses and enterprises.The posted images can get many views, and increasingly, videos achieve better results

Another very important tool on social media is the HASHTAG. By including hashtags in your post, you can double follower engagement. It’s necessary to analyze and verify which hashtags can lead to higher conversions and which are most used for the services you offer. For that, you simply need to explore accommodations on Instagram. 

How to make the most of social media?

  • Use a business profile to leverage the opportunities provided by the apps (contact details, email, etc).
  • It’s very important that the profile contains a link to your website, as this will increase direct sales and impressions of your website.
  • You should generate content weekly, otherwise, you won’t be very active, and you’ll lose followers, and therefore, engagement. Content should be appealing, not just showcasing your accommodations but sharing experiences and details that interest the public.
  • Encourage guests to share images or videos from your accommodations by indicating it on a welcome card or leaving some attractive detail. In these images/videos, you will be tagged, and you can also post them on your profile for free, which will increase views.
  • Promote your social media in bookings to get more followers, so they can follow the trajectory of your accommodation and other accommodation options you might have (if you have more than one).
  • Invite an influencer to stay at your accommodation; they will showcase it on their profile and reach more people.
  • Hold a giveaway, and you’ll get high participation and visits; your accommodation will be known to many more people.

After increasing your participation on social networks, you’ll see how more people get to know you and your direct bookings will also increase. See you on social media!