Daily life as a Turbosuite Revenue Manager

Daily life as a Turbosuite Revenue Manager

First of all,  I must say that two days are never the same at Turbosuite, fortunately for me and my colleagues, as the day to day and the constant evolution of our tool is what rules.

At Turbosuite we try to give a personalized treatment to all our customers; therefore, we adapt to their needs, but we do maintain a series of basic guidelines to keep everything under control.

We will give priority if there is an urgent request from the Property Managers, and in addition, we are in a constant learning process along with them. Sales through the different channels are changing as Property Managers are also evolving. Luckily what happens with some properties for the first time can be used for the rest if necessary.

We review the bookings made the previous day to see if there are any Properties that stand out and analyze them with our Turbosuite tool. Before making any decision, we check if the rate is appropriate within its competition and analyze the market. We are in constant contact with the Property Managers, so we inform them in case there are changes to be made and make a joint decision.

We are also in charge of setting up all the new properties that start using our powerful RMS and giving them the necessary training so that they can make the best decisions. We always have a first meeting during which the Property Managers explain the fundamental characteristics of their properties, if there are dates with minimum nights, minimum prices, or any other information we need to know. We set up an appropriate and personalized pricing strategy for them, which is constantly evolving. We test and use all the information provided by Turbosuite to obtain the best results.

Throughout the day we usually have meetings with them via video call where we discuss what has happened since the previous meeting and make other strategic decisions.

Obviously, we have internal meetings where we share the achievements and concerns of our customers, and where we propose new ideas for further improvement.

It is a pleasure to end the day, seeing how we have been able to help many establishments to improve their profitability with simple actions and that they can make their own decisions with the help of our Turbosuite tool.