The importance of photographic content in the search algorithm

The importance of photographic content in the search algorithm

Content quality affects between 10-20% of the ranking in the sales channels.

The goal of Turbosuite is to help Property Managers to increase the profitability of their holiday properties.  We analyze the property configuration on a daily basis and take action together with them to improve their sales.

In this post, I will focus on the importance of having good photographs on all the websites and OTAs in which they appear. It seems basic, but with all the issues we solve on an everyday basis, sometimes we forget this fundamental part. It is the first thing that our future clients will see and an important reason that drives their decisions.

It is very important that the photos are high quality, based on Airbnb’s recommendations the minimum resolution should be 1024 x 683 pixels. In case you have any doubts, always choose the largest photo.

Another aspect to emphasize is authenticity: as recommended by Expedia, use photographs that show the reality of your establishment, without lenses that distort the size. The OTA also provides a complete document with some good advice.

We recommend taking care of the scenography and even the order in which the photos appear. Nowadays, it is even important that they reflect the special measures that are being taken. We have seen an increase in sales in establishments that add a watermark with the COVID Safety Seal.

You could even add photographs of your Awards, as recommended by Booking on their extranet. Do not hesitate to ask them for help if you have any doubts.

Last but not least,  do not forget about the first picture to be shown, which depending on the season you may want to change. If you want to be attractive for the summer season, show your wonderful pool or the outdoor parts of your flats, hotels or villas. Above all, highlight any improvements made to your properties when you make new photographs.

Remember that it is your presentation card to your future guests and that an image speaks more than a thousand words.